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What is Facebook ad impressions, reach & frequency?

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Its been almost 6 months I started an ad agency Shennon Visibility Online and there were small things I didn't know or never paid any attention to it. There are certain very common Facebook or Instagram ad terms we see many a time but we don't really understand the meaning or the importance of it. If you are new to digital marketing then pay attention. Today I am going to give you little insight on these terms. When we run a Facebook ad campaign and when it is time to analyze the results, Facebook breaks down our campaign results into many small parts. Some of them are impressions, reach and frequency.

Let's understand these terms one by one. We will take an example for better understanding of the same.Let us assume we have run a campaign. Through this campaign, our content was viewed by 5 people; A, B, C, D & E. Some of them have seen our content in their newsfeed multiple times. Say, A, B & C have seen content twice and D & E have seen it only once. We will break down this scenario into above mention terms.


Reach (Unique users) in simple words means the number of people we reached through the particular campaign. It is a very important statistic when we run brand awareness campaign as it tells you how many people have actually seen our content in their newsfeed. In above example 'reach' of the campaign will be 5. Even though many of them have seen our content multiple times, the actual reach is 5.



You must have observed that same ad or content we view in multiple places and multiple times. Users are followed by certain ads wherever they go on the web. Sometimes ad we see on youtube, the same ad we view on some random site we surf or even in your mailbox. These are re-targeting ads. On Facebook, the same thing happens. Sometimes we see some content in our newsfeed and because one of our friend share or like it, it is visible to us again.

In above example A, B & C have seen our content twice and D & E has seen it only once. So altogether, our content has been viewed for 8 times. When we see results for our ad on Facebook, this number 8 is mentioned under heading 'impressions'. So basically impression means the number of times our contents have been viewed by Facebook users. It has nothing to do with how many people have viewed it. Impressions are also the basis for cost per mille. (cost per 1000 impressions calculations).


Again, the frequency is important when we run re-targeting ads and not so important when we run a brand awareness campaign or it could be vice versa depending on the objective of your campaign. Frequency means a number of times our content has been viewed by a user on average. In above example, our content has been viewed 8 times by 5 users so frequency will be the number of times content has been viewed divide by the number of users. So in above example, the frequency will be 1.6

It is important that you pay close attention to these statistics as they make most important part of your campaign result on Facebook or Instagram. They are also used to measure results on google ads etc. If you run Google Adsense on your site or any other advertise on your site, you get paid for clicks or impressions so you cannot really afford to get confused with these terms.

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