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26 ways to get better Facebook organic reach!

Hey Guys, What’s up? How to get a better organic Facebook reach for your business is a question on the mind of every digital marketer and businesses. Facebook is and, I am sure, will be one of the most important parts of our digital marketing campaigns in future as well.  No social media campaign is

Google Analytics terms You Must Know – A Session

Hey, what’s up, guys? In last blog post of this series, Google Analytics Terms You Must Know, we discussed, what is A User? In this post, we will discuss Google analytics term, A Session. As usual, Google will measure a session different ways. Every session has an expiry. A session cannot be less than a

Google Analytic Terms You Must Know – A User

                  In this series, we will explore different Google analytic terms. These are the terms that help you understand the stats Google analytic gives you for you to understand exact status of your website traffic. We will start with a term called a User or a Visitor.

What is Facebook ad impressions, reach & frequency?

Hey Guys, What's up? Its been almost 6 months I started an ad agency Shennon Visibility Online and there were small things I didn't know or never paid any attention to it. There are certain very common Facebook or Instagram ad terms we see many a time but we don't really understand the meaning or the importance

Elle Darby & The Influencer Marketing

Hey Guys, what’s up?               By now you all must have heard, read or watched YouTube videos of Elle Darby. If you haven’t yet, here is a little bit about Elle Darby. Elle Darby is UK based 22 years old Vlogger, Blogger, YouTuber and yes Social Media Influencer with 87000 YouTube subscribers and 76000

How to analyze your Facebook business page?

Hey guys, What’s up?         As I am marketers myself, I know we have to put a lot of efforts and hard work for our clients as well as to build our own audience, our own network. Social media is undoubtedly one of most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign
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