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How to get clients for digital marketing even if you are a Fresher?

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What do you really need to get clients for digital marketing, experience, your own data? Right,  but how to get that as a fresher? Steal it, borrow it? The answer is Big No. You can borrow data but not experience and that would be unethical too.

I am very sure this is something that every fresher think about and think a lot and also a lot of time is wasted over this question or ‘the problem’ we can call it. This can lead to frustration or lose the total interest of the subject.

It is very true that today most of the digital marketing institutes give you knowledge but no hands-on experience. Digital marketing is not just a subject of theory, it is mainly practical. In my short career, spanning over 6 to 8 months, one thing I have noticed is once guys are out of the institute, biggest problem they face is ‘What’s next?’, especially those who want to start their own business rather than work for someone else.

                   One thing that helped me in my career as a digital marketer is my past experience in marketing fields. I know that is not the case with every fresher. In general employment scenario for freshers, many must have faced this circle. You get the job if you have experience, but to get the experience you need a job, right? Luckily for people in Digital Marketing field, it is not a case.  While studying digital marketing, you can get practical experience if you are smart enough. You can start your own free blog, Come up with FB page, whether business or not.  You have a host of platforms who provides you with everything to start your own websites like WordPress and wix. You can start your YouTube channel.  Slowly but surely you will start implementing what is taught to you in a classroom. To be honest, I didn’t do any course. I have purchased ‘100 days blogging course’ from Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju of But I haven’t really started to learn those lessons yet. The blog you are reading right now is on free WordPress platform.

                 Let us assume that you have already finished your courses, you have tried every above-mentioned thing for the practical purpose. During the course of learning you have spent money and tried learning FB Ads, Google ads and you are confident enough to take up job on a professional level. But now bigger question is how to convince your new potential client that you can do all that is expected from you as a professional? You need to show real data from the marketing of real businesses, right?

                First thing first, Don’t present yourself as a fresher. I am not asking you to lie or do anything unethical. Never ever do that. Read my blog 'Knowing marketing before digital marketing’ for basic marketing knowledge and business ethics.


Before you approach a real client, do this.

  • If you have a friend or family who has a business, promote it. Create FB page, Instagram account and maintain it for free of cost.
  • Create a website for a friend or family with proper domain and hosting. I am not talking about free one. Ask them to pay only for domain and hosting. You work on it.
  • Work on on-page and off-page SEO, again for free. Write blogs for them. Ask them to pay for the domain and hosting only. Don’t worry about ranking part. It takes time.
  • Do local listing for them. Google, India mart, Sulekha, bing etc.
  • Convince and encourage your friend or family to go for paid Facebook or google ads.
  • Nowadays college students are creating short videos like crazy on different mobile apps like dubsmash, Vivo videos or Like. If you know someone who is good at it, create a YouTube channel for him or her.
  • While doing all this, create a lot of content, images for them using canva, photoshops etc. Create slideshows on FB or Instagram for them.
  • Install facebook pixel codes on sites you created. Install google analytic codes, learn to understand data and explain it to their respective owners. If you have created a website(s), get it indexed.
  • Analyze your work like analyzing FB pages etc. (Don’t know how, read my article, ‘How to analyze FB page’)

Remember few things while doing all this.

  • Do all this to get real results.
  • Don’t spend money from your pocket for anything. You are already doing a lot of free stuff for them.
  • Make sure you leave links to your own site or FB page on every site you create for free. Do not hesitate to take credit for it. If you have done it, you deserve it. Promote your site or FB page as and when possible. But do not make it look like you have 100% right over it. Always remember even if you have created, it is not yours.
  • Most importantly, Do it professionally. Do it as if you are doing it for paying client.
  • Get testimony and ask them to review your own FB page and business listings.
  • Most importantly, do not show your friends or family that you are doing free stuff for them because it helps you. Pretend as if you are just helping them.

Now you must be thinking why do all this for free. You will be spending hours on daily basis for this. So much so that you might have the temptation to charge for it or get compensated for it. But don’t do that. Believe me, it is all worth doing it for free.


Things you will achieve for getting real clients by doing all this free stuff...

  • When you do all this free stuff, You will not remain a fresher anymore for sure
  • You will have enough experience to approach clients for digital marketing confidently.
  • You will have your own data from your own experience to present it to your potential client. When you present data from across different platforms including graphics you created, the client would not look at you as if you are a fresher.
  • All these free stuff you will do will keep you busy with what you need to do to be a successful Digital Marketer. So basically you will not be wasting your time on useless things.
  • If you do this just for 2 to 3 people or businesses, it will help you create daily/weekly schedule to manage your time. Believe me, managing time will be your first priority once you start doing things professionally.
  • While doing all this you will create your own network. There will be many things you will not learn from your institute and you will look for the answers from different experts from the field of digital marketing, making you join groups and interacts with other people.
  • You will have few names and brands in your portfolio along with real reviews and testimonies that will get you clients.

I would like to further add things or two.

  • Before you approach a client, do some research about their online presence and their marketing strategy.
  • Secondly, offer free service period for 15 days or up to some budget especially for Google Adwords. For example offer to run campaign first time free for whatever budget they want to spend, with the time limit.
  • Ask your client to shell out some amount for trial, without your charges if he or she has never done marketing through digital means before.
  • During the trial period, don’t promise anything from your side. Remember No digital marketing expert would do that. Results depend on many factors like niche, target audience, products, location etc.

You don’t have to do all the free stuff all the time. Once you have a good portfolio, reduce things what you do for free. Educate those to do basically for whom you have done for free.

 I hope this article will help you to get clients and do well in future. Please subscribe to my blog for more such articles in future. Visit my agency, Shennon Visibility Online’s  FB page for the variety of good articles shared by the experts in this field. For every problem, you will find a solution on our page in form of the relevant article. Do like and share if you find this article helpful. Do let me know in comments if any part of this blog or another blog I mentioned above does help you anyway. All the best!

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