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Google Analytic Terms You Must Know – A User


                In this series, we will explore different Google analytic terms. These are the terms that help you understand the stats Google analytic gives you for you to understand exact status of your website traffic. We will start with a term called a User or a Visitor. I will tell you about only one term today. It is very common but one of the most confusing terms you will ever come across.



User or visitors is possibly one of the most important terms when it comes to analyzing website traffic. A user is, in a simple word a person who visits your website. Every user is cookied (By the way I love to use this word even though I know it doesn’t exist, it sounds funny, right?) so that we know whether the user is new or he/she has visited our site earlier. Google assigns a client ID to every new user.

There are two types of users in general, a new user and a returning user. It is important to acquire users. The number of new users indicates website growth but it is also very very important that you have returning users. No of new users will define the efforts of your website promotion either in an organic way or through paid promotion. No. of returning users will let you know how helpful or useful your contents are to the users.

Sometime your analytic tools will show returning user as a new user. The reason is, when a user visits your site, it is cookied. For example, In the morning, I visit a website first time on my laptop using Google Chrome at home, I will be the new user for that website. If in the evening, I visit the same website again on my same laptop from Google Chrome, I will be a returning user to that website.  But in the afternoon I visited the same website from my work computer/laptop, even though I had visited the same website earlier, still, I will be the new user for that website. Another part of is that is, you access the website from two different browsers, say chrome and Firefox; you will be counted as two users and not as a returning user. In simple words, a website remembers users from the device and browser they use to access the website.


Let’s make it simple. Suppose I use a laptop or a smartphone to access a website from home and use a desktop at work. For my work purpose, I use Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Now I use two browsers from every device of mine to access a website. So even though I am just a person, the website will register me as a new user every time I access a website. So Google Analytics will show 6 new users on your website when in reality, it is only one person.

User in google analytics
User in google analytics

This is not all. Google analytics will further confuse you. If I log into my Google account and visit the same website from multiple devices, it will show me as one user but returning user multiple times.  So next time you see your Google analytics data, don’t be too happy to see new users and returning users numbers. It is better to concentrate on the quality of your content, promotion of your blog or website through proper channels. I have already confused you a lot. So take a deep breath and create content that will be useful to your visitors. In next blog post, we will see other useful terms, maybe two or three. They won’t be as confusing as this one for you. If you have not read my other popular and useful blogs read them here..



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